Re: Well, surprisingly, yes.

Date: 2009-08-17 09:36 pm (UTC)
I can actually see a value in something like indiscreet Facebook photos - think of it as a security bozo-filter. Careless idiot got busted over harmless-to-the-company personal photos, as opposed to... well, I imagine as your PA, some pretty confidential (of interest to competitors or evil types, or just the media) information would cross your desk and therefore hers.

One assumes she embarrassedly turned in her notice a few days later?

I'd have less of an issue with engineers getting stoned (if at home) - at my last regular company (left at the end of May `07), probably more of the Boston office *did* use illicit stuff than didn't. Still, that was a tech startup, not a company with major security interests, and the same "people who are careless with personal data are likely to be careless with company data" thing definitely applies.

It comes to mind that while everybody at aforementioned company knew that at least a third of the office were potheads and that if the CEO didn't do pot or acid *now*, he certainly had pretty regularly in the past... you couldn't have found a jot in writing about it, anywhere.

Maybe in personal LJs and the like - but those (like mine) would have had zero identifying data that Google could connect to the person's real name, email-addy-on-resume, and so on.
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