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Social Networking

This is a great excerpt from the referenced article: Fired on Facebook: 

The importance of a personal brand is seldom well explained to juniors, and aspiring middle level careerists. It is nonetheless real. I certainly wish that I had done more of this in my mid 20s. I have had to involve HR on social networking related work posts with significant outcomes on more than a single occassion. 

FYI, my firm blocks are SNW execpt for DT.   

For sho'-

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Professional branding is pretty simple: which memes do you want associated with your professional name, and which behavior patterns reinforce those memes - then act that way.

And yes, the single degree of separation which most people employ to wall professional lives from personal lives (or however they choose to bound info) is inadequate - all it takes in a single phone call or c/p eml.

I do a lot of talking and keep emls to a minimum.

Re: For sho'-

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Hrms. My professional persona for writing is necessarily different from my professional brand for other stuff. But I do think all I need to do is show them the covers of CW and ST.

No drunken or nekkid (full or partial) antics, but I can expect photos of me with cleavage, etc., to show up on the net associated with my name.

I'm planning to keep Katie's name, but if it ever became an issue I could go back to my maiden name.

Any corporate entity that doesn't understand the marketing value (wrt books) of my professional persona at cons has issues.

I have no idea how much it impacts sales, but I have to assume a positive impact because it makes me memorable and associates me with the product. Memorable is good. Cleavage rarely offends fen.